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A Double Millennium is upon us.

Notwithstanding the perils of succumbing to the "fetish" of millenarianism it is significant that we are only a few years from the 2000th anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. By common consent this would be 2030.

The aim of this campaign is first, succeed in revealing the extent to which the single C14 test of the shroud fell well short of the scientific independence and rigour that expected of it. In particular, the peremptory and dismissive verdict now accepted to have been totally unjustified. Given that it was delivered from the hallowed steps of the British Museum and with all the weight of their prestige behind it generations have grown up knowing nothing of the Shroud and it became and has remained remained "taboo" for most scholars and the researchers who value their reputations.

It has come to light that the C14 test was deeply compromised and the test's invigilator, Michael Tite, himself, has been forced to dismiss the "crude forgery" verdict. However, rather than even consider the possibility of authenticity, to fit the apparent facts, he has come up with a theory beyond ridicule. You can here it for yourself on the bottom of the Home Page.